Willkommen: New Member – Chris DT Gordon

In the photo: Kathy Van Roekel, New Ulm Area Foundation; Chris Gordon, Chris DT Gordon; Sara Wendt, Visiting Angels; Crystal Johnson, New Ulm Chamber

The Willkommen Committee recently welcomed Chris DT Gordon as a new member.  Chris is a public speaker whose focus is the “Attitude of Gratitude.” 

Nine years ago, Chris was in Rochester at St. Mary’s Hospital battling necrotising fasciitis.  He made it through numerous surgeries and has recovered 95-100% with the help of the love and camaraderie of family, friends, and community.  He wanted to figure out what to do with his second chance on life and decided to become a public speaker.  Although he still works full-time as a high school teacher, Chris also likes to help people by helping them develop resilience and look at the world through a “gratitude goggle.”  Chris has spoken to groups all over the country and even the world.  He likes to work with teens and pre-teens, but he also works with businesses and helps them handle the generational gaps and biases that many companies face.

If you’re interested in learning more or would like to work with Chris, you can contact him at (507) 382-0643 or chrisdtgordon.com.  You can also check out his book From Survivor to Striver.  Thank you, Chris DT Gordon, for your investment in New Ulm and for choosing to join the Chamber!