This Grow New Ulm page covers Relocating to the New Ulm area, Employment opportunities, Business Development for retail, dining and service provider businesses and Economic Development for industrial and manufacturing businesses. Our Economic development and Retail Services staff look forward to assisting you with your new or expanding business needs.

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For employees relocating to the New Ulm area, this is an overview of New Ulm’s offerings in Arts and Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Housing Market, Parks and Recreation Department, Religion and Retail Environment.


Contains the Business Directory, by category, of all Chamber Member businesses, and under Jobs, our ongoing listing of employment opportunities at Chamber Member businesses.

Business Development

This page outlines some of the services and information available to entrepreneurs and existing business owners, as well as some of the events that benefit the business community. Resources and Information gives an overview of the many types of information and support our office can provide to new or existing businesses, including contact and financial resources and the many local, state, regional and federal assistance programs available. Please contact the Chamber of Commerce for assistance with these resource and services.

Economic Development

Is managed by the New Ulm Economic Development Authority (EDA) and the New Ulm Business & Resource Innovation Center (NUBRIC). They provide site location assistance, technical assistance, workforce training grants, and many other services to industrial and manufacturing businesses.