Shop Local-Opoly

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Shop Local-opoly Directions

NUBRA is looking for local businesses to help supporting local by participating in Shop Local-opoly.
There are three levels of sponsorship, each level giving you more exposure than the next.
General Game Rules for Shoppers:

  • To enter the corresponding color prize, you must purchase the deal/dollar amount.
  • Each property must have an attached receipt indicating the deal/dollar amount.
  • Each full set of properties will receive 1 (one) entry into a drawing.
  • Property prize drawings will take place on April 15, 2021 (tax day)
  • 2 Grand prize $500 drawing will happen on Friday, April 16, 2021. Only those that have won the Property Prize drawings will be entered.
  • All cash prizes are given out as chamber dollar certificates.

Your company logo and dollar amount spend will be displayed on a game board location. Get your business a new address on New Ulm’s Shop Local-opoly for only $25. The dollar amount spend will be chosen for you by the Chamber of Commerce.
$25 + Prize pack worth $50 or more (a total of $75). With this package you will not only get your own property but your business will also be giving out a $50 prize (property prize)! The property prize drawings will be select on April 15. Property prizes can either be $50 chamber dollars or a prize of your chosen which totals $50.
Top Hat
Be the sponsor of Shop-Opoly and get your business the biggest exposure of all. There is a limit of 2 full board sponsors for $500 each. Replace the New Ulm logo with your very own. All Top Hat sponsorships are taken

Each business will be given a 8.5″ x 11″ for their business location that will indicate that they are participating in Shop-Opoly.

Businesses willing to sell game boards will also be featured as pickup locations. Instructions for staff, a cash/check policy and envelope will be included in each purchasing location.

This is more than just retail! If you’re a financial institution, automotive store, printing company we want you to participate. The more businesses we have the bigger and more robust the board is. It helps gain all of New Ulm exposure and tells a story of a vibrant community.


To sign up for Shop Local-opoly please fill out this form online. We will contact you with further details and information.
Launch date is March 1, 2021. End date is April 15, 2021.