Downtown Mural Project Call for Artists

Calling all artists!

The Downtown New Ulm Mural Project is waiting for you!

Can you take a blank slate and turn it into something amazing? Do you have a vision of art in the midst of a vibrant downtown?

Public art has the power to transform a community. It’s a positive way to impact a neighborhood, providing a work of beauty for all to enjoy. Public art sparks conversation, builds community respect, and creates a welcoming environment.

The New Ulm Downtown Action Team is seeking qualified artist(s) or artist team to create a mural in the city’s historic downtown at 1st North and North Minnesota Streets. The artwork will be displayed on the building’s exterior wall of the Nuvera building for visitors in the downtown area. Your artwork, whether it be graphic design or a physical painting, will be in a framed 20’ x 80’ art medium. The artwork will not be directly on the building. The artwork will be printed on billboard material that will then be placed in a frame.

There will be an initial review by the Mural committee. The artists selected from the initial review will then be invited to present renderings and detailed work proposals, including project timelines, and a budget. The selected artist(s) will receive a grant to assist with project-related expenses, such as supplies, materials, liability insurance, and artist’s fees.

Wall for the Downtown Mural Project
The location of the future mural

Themes for Mural

  • New Ulm Fashion since the city’s foundation
  • This history of Bier in New Ulm
  • US-Dakota War of 1862
  • Heritage and History of New Ulm
  • New Ulm Attractions
  • A Day in New Ulm
  • New Ulm Now and Then
  • Inclusion
  • New Ulm Typography

Applications are due by July 15, 2021 at 4 P.M.

Anticipated Timeline

Dates may be subject to change under certain circumstances.

  • 6/7/21 – Applications available
  • 07/15/21 – Applications due by 4 p.m.
  • 09/01/21 – Downtown Action Team Approval Grant awards

Application Materials List and Description

  1. Letter of Interest (limit 500 words)
  2. Artist Resume or Team Member resumes
  3. Visual Support Materials (5 images)
  4. Annotated Support Materials List
  5. Letter of Support (optional)

1. Letter of Interest (limit 500 words)

Please include any relevant information you would like to provide about yourself and team members (if applicable) explaining your interest in the project and highlights of past experience including the art medium/media used for those projects.

2. Artist Resume or Team Member Resumes (if an artist team)

3. Visual Support Materials (5 images)

The Mural Committee will review examples of past work. Please label the work samples in a way that reviewers can identify which artwork is being described in the Annotated Support Materials List.

  • When submitting materials, please submit with a file name that identifies the artist’s name and the support material (e.g. Last Name_First Initial_Portfolio or Last Name_First Initial_Resume).
  • Up to 5 high resolution jpeg images of previous artwork labeled with artwork name, date created, location, and materials used.
  • Images should be labeled numerically with the artist’s name (01_name.jpg, 02_name.jpg, etc.).
  • Annotated Support Material List should include title of work, date created, art medium/media, and dimensions/resolution.

4. Annotated Support Materials List

An annotated list describing the previous projects and visual support materials submitted with this application, including the project description: artwork title, date created, dimensions, media/materials, location, budget, client, community involvement, and any other relevant project information.

5. Letters of Support (optional)

Mural Maintenance and Repairs

City Responsibility
By permitting a mural project as a one-of-a-kind work of art, the City does not assume any financial obligation for its creation, upkeep or repair.

Owner Responsibility
The building owner will provide access to the mural area of the building and install anchors into the brick for installation of the panels.

Chamber Responsibility
It is the responsibility of the mural project manager designated by the Chamber to create and maintain the mural. The City assumes that the mural will be kept in good repair with periodic maintenance to be performed by the project manager/artists/owner as needed.

Mural Vandalism
If vandalism to the mural occurs, the artist has the first option to repair artwork if damaged. It is the responsibility of the mural owner/project manager/artist to remove graffiti within 48 hours (consistent with City-wide ordinances regarding graffiti removal). If it is not removed and repaired by the owner/project manager/artist, the Street department could be called to remove the graffiti vandalism using their standard removal techniques/materials.

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