Willkommen: State Street Theater – New Executive Director and Remodel

In the photo: Lisa Besemer and Jesse Jewell, SSTC; Sara Wendt, Visiting Angels; Lorie Jewell, SSTC; Nathan Hamilton, ILPEA Industries; Randy Schroeder, Frandsen Bank & Trust

The Willkommen Committee recently visited State Street Theater Co. (SSTC) to welcome their new Executive Director, Lorie Jewell, and to celebrate their recent remodel. 

Lorie Jewell is originally from New Ulm and had performed at State Street in junior high and high school.  She went to school for film and screenwriting.  Lorie traveled the world, gaining experience on cruise ships and at various theater companies.  Having learned a lot from a wide variety of other executive directors, she is excited to bring her expertise to State Street.  As she says, it’s a “cool place in a really cool time.” 

The recent remodel kept the existing theme of the “old-time theater of yesteryear” and includes new seating, handrails and banisters; accessible seating and restrooms; lighting down the aisles, and a new ticket sales system that allows patrons to choose their own spots rather than the old general admission. 

To learn more about State Street Theater, their upcoming shows, or their volunteer opportunities, visit their website statestreetnewulm.org or call them at 507-359-9990.  Thank you, State Street Theater, for your continued investment in New Ulm, and congratulations and welcome to Lorie Jewell!