Willkommen: New Remodel at Neubauer Family Chiropractic

In the photo: Amy Pearson, Thrivent Financial – New Ulm Area Group; Dr. Steve Eckstein, Dr. Nate Neubauer, Neubauer Family Chiropractic;  Alicia Meinzer, Rising Hope Counseling; Cathy Anderson, Alliance Bank

The Willkommen Committee stopped by Neubauer Family Chiropractic to celebrate their recent remodeling which involved transforming the old massage room into a Decompression Table and Therapy Room. 

The decompression table helps give patients better results before having to resort to other treatments, such as injections.  Although they were trained by the company and did independent research, there is a lot to learn and Drs. Nate Neubauer and Steve Eckstein have been practicing on each other and learning the ways that they can adjust angles and other settings to get the best results. 

They installed the table in December and have already been seeing great results in their patients.  The decompression table can be used to treat sciatica, disc bulging, degenerative issues, and things of that nature.  It is primarily for the lower back but can be used on the neck or stomach as well. 

They are located at 1316 S Broadway and if you are interested in learning more, you can contact them at (507) 359-7622 or www.neubauerchiropractic.com.  Thank you, Neubauer Family Chiropractic, for your continued investment in the New Ulm Area!