Willkommen: EON Welcomes New Directors

In the photo: Nathan Hamilton, ILPEA Industries; Morgan Harpenau, New Ulm Dental; Chelsey Busse, Mary Eckstein, EON; Nancy Arndt, Christensen Farms; Tyler Berg, EON

The Willkommen Committee recently visited EON to welcome their new directors: Director of Finance Mary Eckstein and Director of Operations Chelsey Busse. 

Mary Eckstein has experience in public and corporate accounting here in New Ulm.  Mary joined the company because she wanted to be in the “business of helping people” and was very excited about the employee ownership aspect of the company.  In fact, EON stands for “Employee Ownership Network.”

Chelsey Busse has been with EON for three years and was recently promoted into this position.  She has a background in assisted living and children services.  She enjoys working together as a team, and how everyone prioritizes continuing to learn and gain experience.  EON provides services to people with disabilities, healthcare services, assisted living, nursing and group homes, and helps with community integration and finding employment. 

They’ve recently been through a bit of restructuring and a transitional period, but they have a solid team now and have been growing a lot. EON is located at 1200 S Broadway, and if you’re interested in learning more, you can contact them at (507) 233-3030 or visit their website at theeon.com. Congratulations and welcome to Mary Eckstein and Chelsey Busse!