“My Hometown” – When and Where to Watch

On Wednesday, March 27th, New Ulm was able to host the premier showing of “My Hometown”. Thank you to North Dakota’s BEK TV and co-host Patti Armstrong for showcasing how awesome New Ulm is!

If you missed the premier, the shows will air at 9 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. April 3 for Sleepy Eye; same times on April 10 for New Ulm. The episodes will be available on the channel’s streaming app BEK TV+ and their website. However, the shows will be broadcast locally as well.

Armstrong said they received permissions to broadcast the episodes on KEYC in Mankato and New Ulm Cable Access Television (NUCAT).

KEYC Schedule:

New Ulm Episode
KMNF Channel on Sun., 4/21/24, at 12pm.
NEYC Channel on Wed., 4/17/24, at 9:30PM and Sat., 4/20/24, at 1pm.

Sleepy Eye Episode
KMNF Channel on Sun., 4/21/24, at 1pm.
NEYC Channel on Wed., 4/24/24, at 9:30PM and Sat., 4/27/24, at 11am.

NUCAT will air the New Ulm episode at 6 p.m. Friday, April 12, followed by the Sleepy Eye episode at 7 p.m.

Armstrong said that because of the extra broadcasts on KEYC and NUCAT, the Sleepy Eye and New Ulm shows will be the most broadcasted “My Hometown” shows.

The New Ulm Episode is available to watch here on BEK’s website. Both episodes will be available in the archive after airing here.

Photo credit to the New Ulm Journal.