Christensen Farms Welcomes New President

The Willkommen Committee of the New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce recently welcomed Christensen Farms’ new president, Greg Howard. Greg has been at Christensen Farms for 13 years in various capacities.  Being a self-starter from a young age, Greg started his own lawn mowing service as a kid, became a cemetery caretaker, worked in cash crops on a racing farm, and got a degree in Civil Engineering to challenge himself.  He eventually ended up in the pork industry.  Having traveled extensively in international exports, when Bob Christensen asked him to help at Christensen Farms, he took the chance to have more time with his family.  Throughout his years at Christensen Farms, Greg has been a business surgeon helping find areas to help margin optimization, the vice president of logistics, and became chief operations officer four years ago.  Greg Howard has been in his current role of President since August.  Learn more about Christensen Farms on their website at