Minnesota Canine Club’s New Location

The Willkommen Committee of the New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce recently welcomed Minnesota Canine Club (MCC) at their new location at 213 3rd St S.  Jon Hansen is the owner/trainer of MCC, and he offers daycare, training and boarding for dogs.  MCC has been in business for 14 months and quickly outgrew the previous location. Jon has been a dog trainer for 10 years and is certified.  MCC provides a place for safe exercising and socializing with other dogs.  Their facilities and staff, three full-time employees who work holidays and weekends, are large enough to accommodate as many as 40 dogs at once.  They have cameras and enough kennels to separate and seclude dogs if a medical or other type of problem arises.  They also have a very close relationship with New Ulm Regional Veterinary Center to keep the dogs healthy.  Jon has been known to go above and beyond for his clients, human and canine alike.  Based on a brief drop-off at the time of our visit, the humans are very appreciative and the dogs are very excited to reunite with their friends.  It is a very fun and loving place to be.  To learn more, call 507-340-1400, check out their website at www.minnesotacanineclub.com, or email jon@minnesotacanineclub.com.

In the photo: Morgan Harpenau, New Ulm Dental;  Kim Hanson, New Ulm Real Estate; Jon Hansen, Minnesota Canine Club; Max Meine, SouthPoint Financial Credit Union.