Member Spotlight: August Schell Brewing Company

Brief Description of your business and products/services offered: 

Schell’s Brewery is the second-oldest family-owned brewery in the country and a founding member of the town of New Ulm. The brewery proudly provides the town of New Ulm and six states with delicious beer, brewed, bottled, and packaged by the great people we are lucky to call members of our family. The Schell grounds attract tens of thousands of people to the brewery and New Ulm every year, and its premier festivals are known throughout the Midwest as a staple for beer fans. 

How long have you been in business? 

Since 1860. 

What makes your business special? 

We love the New Ulm community and are deeply invested in the success of New Ulm. There are a million breweries throughout the United States, and staying true to our German roots and beers helps make us who we are. We pride ourselves on the product we make and the experience you can only have here at the brewery. 

How are you involved in the community of New Ulm? 

Numerous community sponsorships, events, and promoting tourism to the town.   

What else do you want the public to know about you as a company? 

The town of New Ulm has helped the brewery survive for 163 years on the very foundation it was set- it is only through the love and support of this town that we are lucky enough to still be serving beer today.  That has never been lost on us, and we strive every day to give the town something to be proud of through our beers, our events, and the people we connect with and support whenever we can.   

Why do you “Chamber”?   

The Chamber is a great partner not only for us, but for New Ulm.  The Chamber is a constant promoter of all things New Ulm, and we directly benefit from the work they do.   

Do you have any tips for new members? 

Get involved with the community and help others find a home here!  

Anything else you’d like to mention?