New Leaders at Windings

Recently the Willkommen Committee welcomed three new leaders at Windings. The new leaders include Jim Martz, Supply Chain Manager, who originally is from South Dakota; Recarda Schmitz was born and raised in New Ulm and has taken on the role of Vice President of Operations; and Travis Bawek is the new Chief Financial Officer.  All remarked that they feel that Windings is a tightknit group and enjoy the fact that it is an employee-owned company.  Windings makes motors for customized applications. You are more likely to see their products on a Formula One racing car or the Mars Rover than a home item such as a kitchen appliance.  Most of the company operates in New Ulm, though Windings also has an office in the Twin Cities.

Founded in 1965 to produce synchro motors used in commercial and military avionics, Windings has developed a competency and business model around engineering electromagnetic solutions for critical applications. Consequently, their focus industries deal with applications where performance and size matter, and where environmental hazards present a significant engineering design challenge. Windings has been selected as the 2022 Large Business of the Year by the membership of the New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce. 

Photo: Wendy Lang with Oak Hills Living Center, Jim Martz, Recarda Schmitz, and Travis Bawek with Windings, and Amber Wicke with Harmony Inn.