New Executive Director at State Street Theater

Sandra Juni is the new Director at State Street Theater.  Her passion for theater began as an 8-year-old riding her banana seat bike down to audition for Hello Dolly and she got cast in the ensemble. She continued acting and being a part of many productions growing up.  Originally, she wanted to study opera but instead, her opera dreams were changed to becoming a teacher for more than 30 years. Most recently she taught in St. Paul.  She says she can’t believe she gets paid to have so much fun and says the next season at State Street Theater is a great one.  The facility was built in the 1930s and still has much of the historic integrity of the past. The theater can hold 950 patrons when the stage is utilized for seating.

Pictured here left to right: Marie Guggisberg with River Creek Nursery, Jordyn Keranen with Woodstone Senior Living, Sandra Juni with State Street Theater and Amy Pearson with Thrivent Financial.