New Services for MRCI

The Willkommen Committee recently visited with MRCI New Ulm to speak about their new innovative services they offer in New Ulm. Lisa Cownie from MRCI explained their new vision and goal for their business sector and how the company pivoted during the pandemic. MRCI’s mission is still to create innovative and genuine opportunities for people with disabilities or disadvantaged at home, at work and in the community. One of the many successful programs includes Day Services which allows individuals with disabilities to interact both in person and virtually. There is also individual placement and support where staff at MRCI helps connect the business community with individuals that may otherwise not find employment. All of their programs this year have been very successful because of the dedicated staff and supportive business community. MRCI currently has locations in Mankato, New Ulm, Burnsville, Owatonna for individuals with disabilities. They also operate and own two thrift stores in New Ulm and Mankato. The new model that MRCI is approaching the industry with is now being called successful by those nationally. Their programming is creating a sustainable business model while helping build valuable life skills that their clients need. The New Ulm Business Community is proud to have MRCI here to help build relationships between individuals with disabilities and our companies.


Photo Caption: Nick Metzker, Preferred Insurance; Jon Bleick, Nuvera; Traci Windscheidl, Holly Anderson, Tami Reuter, MRCI.