Now Taking Applications for Network New Ulm and Leadership 2.0
NNU 2020 Class with Gov Walz
After having to pause NNU for 2020-21,we are now seeking applicants for the 2021-2022 class year. Please see brochure for list of dates and topics along with testimonials from the last graduating class.
Click here for 2021-22 NNU-flyer and Application.

Network New Ulm is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow a professional in our community. I gained a deeper appreciation for all that goes into making New Ulm an awesome place to live and visit! 
Phil Scriver

WOW…what an amazing program!  Network New Ulm was a great experience.  From history & culture, local businesses, government, law enforcement and healthcare, etc. it was a great program. I learned a lot about the community that I work and live in and would recommend this program to others who are new to the community or have lived here all their lives.  Each program was educational and fun, not to mention networking with fellow NNU participants.
Vonda Dulas, New Ulm Medical Center

This program is such a nice way to get to know more about our community.  Great opportunity to get to know others in multiple industries and make new connections. If you are looking for networking opportunities this program definitely provides this for you.
Erica Kimsey, SouthPoint Financial Credit Union 

It has been fascinating to learn so much about this town I’ve called home for over 20 years. I had no idea our town had so many different industries and facets and it’s been great to learn about them and see how they all work together. Network New Ulm has been a wonderful opportunity and I highly recommend it for anyone that has the chance. Every session has been filled with so much information and it’s been great to meet and connect with other local people, as well.
Tricia Gieseke, Nuvera

This is not your average networking program. If you’re new to the community or a lifelong resident this program is a must. It provides a power and impactful way of networking in New Ulm that no other program will offer. The variety of interactions with workplace professionals, from the county sheriff to the governor of Minnesota, makes this program well worth your investment. A byproduct of this type of environment is friendship with other business professionals. Join, it will be a highlight of your professional development.
Michael Looft, New Ulm Chamber

Network New Ulm has been an amazing experience for me!  As a new business owner, it provided me with connections, resources and support that gave me confidence and a feeling of truly being a part of the community.  The sessions were so much fun and offered so much useful information.  The diverse group I was a part of provided such a wealth of different perspectives that really promote creativity in running a business in this type of market and inspire pride in the community in which I live and serve.  I am so glad I could be a part of this fantastic organization.  It’s been fun and so beautifully run!
Heather Mangen, Goosetown Enterprises

This program is phenomenal!  I have lived here all my life and learned so many new things about the history and businesses of New Ulm.   Educational monthly events that make learning fun and great way to meet and make new friends within our community.  Thank you Chamber for hosting such a wonderful program.   I highly encourage anyone to participate. 
Deb Schmidt, Bank Midwest

For someone new to the community Network New Ulm was a wonderful introduction to the community. It provided me with the history of the town and surrounding communities, brought me in  contact with community leaders, gave me an understanding of all the programs and activities that are available to everyone, revealed to me the diverse industry in this area and best of all I made a number of new friends. 
Sheryl Mann, Windings



Class of 2019-2020

Network New Ulm Leadership 2.0 graduated its first class of advanced leaders last spring. Though COVID-19 prevented the group from holding in-person sessions (and a 2020-2021 program), they were able to add six ZOOM meetings allowing the group of 10 participants to complete the program. For 24 years, the New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce has been committed to building a stronger community, one leader at a time, through the Network New Ulm Community Leadership Program. Many of our 575 graduates have asked, “What’s next?” 


Every leader plays a significant role in making a community the best it can be. This program will take a deeper dive into personal leadership and how it can impact the future of the entire community. Leadership 2.0 is only open to graduates of the Network New Ulm Community Leadership Program (any year). Information and application available at or contact Jenny at or 233-4300 to apply.

Brochure and Application