2021 Save the Flower Campaign

You know those beautiful flowers that brighten our downtown, welcoming locals and tourists alike? They don’t just happen. The Chamber of Commerce pays for the flowers each spring, and pays for the 128 hanging baskets to be hung; a group of volunteers clean and plant the 120 pots that line Minnesota Street and Broadway Street; and another group of volunteers water the flowers daily in the summer months. And it’s all worth it! We hear compliments about the flowers downtown all summer long!

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected so many of New Ulm’s businesses, and the Chamber is no exception. Most significantly, NUBRA (New Ulm Business & Retail Association, a committee of the Chamber) had to cancel the 2021 New Ulm Home & Health Show. Between that show and a variety of other events and programs that are unable to take place, we have lost a substantial portion of revenue. We are re-evaluating our budgets, cutting back on many things, and trying to be creative with expenses. Which brings us to this blog post…

The total cost of the flowers downtown is $7,000. We are asking residents/businesses/organizations to sponsor a hanging basket or planter at $25 (Daisy level), $50 (Geranium level) or $100 (Rose level), ensuring that this tradition of beautification will continue. All sponsors will be recognized three ways: listed on this site (with website link, if applicable), recognized on social media, and published in The Journal.