New Ulm Ranked as One of the Best Places to Raise a Family
Hermann My Eye Photography)

A recent article listed the Best Places To Raise a Family in Minnesota For 2020, and New Ulm was ranked as number three out of ten top places.  The article looked into several factors before determining which towns would take placement. A few include: crime rates, education, activities, and the number of residing families in the communities. New Ulm, which carries a population of around 13,000, also came in at the top 2% in the safest places to live in all of the Minnesota cities, so it is no wonder this lovely town would be a great place to raise a family with it being such a safe area. 

Among many reasons to start or bring your family to this community, one is the school systems! New Ulm has great public and private schools to choose from and fit your family’s needs. New Ulm is also home to Martin Luther College, which sits right on top of the hill next to our guy Hermann the German.

The family friendly atmosphere here is undeniable. There is so much to offer with our many parks, parades, festivals, churches, and family-oriented establishments. It is a tight knit community which thrives on coming together.

For being a small town, there are also many activities to take part in during every season. Summertime offers great parks and bike trails. Flandrau State Park has many options for camping, swimming, or grab a tube and float down the cottonwood river! Winter does not stop us from enjoying the elements. There are snowmobile trails, ice fishing, and a few of our festivals happen during the chillier months.

New Ulm is overall a great place to live and have a family. From the safeness of the community and endless opportunity for staying active we vote New Ulm number one!

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Photo Credit to: My Eye Photograhpy