New Doctors at NUMC!
New Ulm Medical Center

The Willkommen Committee of the New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce recently stopped at New Ulm Medical Center to welcome new staff: Raquel RoschenWimmer, Physician Assistant; Ashleigh Swearingen, OB/GYN and Keary Johnson, OB/GYN. Raquel moved to New Ulm in June and started at the Medical Center in July. She previously worked at the University of Minnesota for the last 3 years. She moved here with Dr. Kraig Schumm, whom the committee welcomed recently at Woodview Dental. Dr. Swearingen is from the Chicago area. She attended the University of Illinois and Ross University School of Medicine where she obtained a Women’s Health & Education degree. She did her residency in Chicago and was recruited to New Ulm. She is a big fan already of the Heart of New Ulm Project and the community involvement. Dr. Johnson is from South Dakota. He has studied nuclear medicine and he attended undergrad school at SDSU.  When he and his wife toured New Ulm, she fell in love and the rest was history. Keary did his residency in Ohio and says that he loves the one-on-one relationships you develop with patients. Congratulations and welcome, Raquel, Ashleigh and Keary! 

In the photo: Jan DeLeo, Sid’s Sign’s on Broadway; Raquel RoschenWimmer, Dr. Keary Johnson,  Dr. Ashleigh Swearingen, New Ulm Medical Center; Pam Kitzberger, Oak Hills Living Center.