Wanda Gag House Gains New Manager
Wanda Gag House - Lana Hoffmann

New changes are coming to the old Wanda Gag House. Lana Hoffmann took over as House Manager earlier this summer and is looking to revitalize the historic landmark. 

Lana is a New Ulm native who, as a child, loved Wanda Gag and her famed children’s book, “Millions of Cats”. After some time away, Lana moved back to New Ulm and works at New Ulm High School as a paraprofessional. She is also a college student working towards her degree in Social Work. Lana is involved with the New Ulm Optimist Club, particularly its Youth Power programs. Lana is passionate not only about her own children, but also of those in the whole community and she hopes to translate that passion into her new position at the Wanda Gag House. She hopes to make the Wanda Gag House an exciting and interactive place for children of all ages and their families. Lana hopes to bring book readings, art classes, and tours specifically tailored towards youth. She also hopes to keep these activities free or low cost if possible so that all families can participate without a financial burden. 

Hoffman’s duties include scheduling staff, coordinating volunteers, providing training, planning events, marketing, digitizing files, and giving the occasional tour. As the new house manager, she also hopes to grow the Wanda Gag House Membership community.

The Wanda Gag House has stood as a living symbol of history and culture in New Ulm for over 125 years. Lana Hoffman remarked that “the house is a part of New Ulm’s history” and she hopes to keep its influence alive while fulfilling her new role. Lana Hoffman of the Wanda Gag House was welcomed by the New Ulm Chamber’s Willkommen Committee earlier this month. For more information on the Wanda Gage House, visit  http://www.wandagaghouse.org/

In the photo are: Anna Howell, Design Home Center; Lana Hoffmann, Wanda Gag House; and Nicole Briggs, Jensen Motors.