Bavarian Blast Bucket List 2019

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Bavarian Blast Bucket List 2019

Hermann Bavarian Blast Parade

Are you planning on attending Bavarian Blast, July 18-21, 2019 in New Ulm, MN?  (If not, why not? Are you allergic to fun?!). Have the best time possible by following our Bavarian Blast Bucket List! Filled with food, dancing, and tons of fun, this list might bring you out of your comfort zone, but we guarantee a good time if you finish it! For even more fun, do these challenges with a friend, family member, or another festival goer. Get digital with it and post fun pics on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Remember to hashtag #NewUlm and #GermansHaveMoreFun!

We hope you enjoy your time at Bavarian Blast! Prost! 

Try a New Beer!


To quote one of our favorite polkas, “In heaven, there is no beer, that’s why we drink it here!” Well here in New Ulm, we know a thing or two about beer. Locally-brewed Schell’s beer is on tap all weekend long at Bavarian Blast which gives you plenty of time to sample a beer you’ve never tried before! Have fun but please drink responsibly. Taxis and ride services are available.

Pet a Dachshund!


Bavarian Blast proudly hosts the annual Dog Races at 1:30 on Saturday, July 20th. The race is a crowd favorite so be sure to come early to grab a great seat to see all the action. In German tradition, these races are usually Dachshunds (Weiner Dogs), but you’ll find other small dogs breeds in our races also. There will be many furry friends on site! Check with the dog’s owner first before you pet!  

Dance with the Narren or the Heinzelmannchen Family!

The Narren (pictured above) are wacky folklore characters that love to spread joy all around New Ulm! Meaning “fools” in German, the Narren are always ready to hit the dance floor and have a good time. There is also the Heinzelmannchen Family made up of Hans, his wife Carolina, their son Johann and daughter Angelika. This gnome family is always followed by their mythical mascot sidekicks Gertie the Goose and three Morel Mushrooms! These various ambassadors of New Ulm are very friendly and can’t wait to meet you! Hit the dance floor and polka! 

Test your strength at the Stein Holding Contest! 


Try your hand at the Stein Holding Contest! This unique competition is held on Saturday, July 20, at 7:00 P.M. under the Schell’s Tent. During this contest, each participant holds an authentic stein glass filled with beer, straight out in front of them. A true test of endurance, strength, and good old fashioned German stubbornness! No registration is necessary but make sure to come a few minutes early to sign up for this event. Do you have what it takes to be this summer’s undisputed Stein Holding Champion?

Eat like a German! 

Satisfy your taste buds and try some pork schnitzel, spaetzle, sauerkraut, or strudel! No matter what you’re craving, you’re sure to not go hungry at Bavarian Blast! Local food producers such as the Nicollet County Pork Producers, New Ulm Farm-City Hub Club, and 4H, will be serving authentic German cuisine all weekend long! American options are served as well, of course, but step outside your culture comfort zone and try something different!  Get ready to eat your heart out! 

Shake hands with a Concord Singer! 

The Concord Singers can be found performing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during Bavarian Blast. The Concord Singers, who recently returned from performing in Germany, are dubbed “New Ulm’s ambassadors of Good Will”. They will happily welcome you to our Bavarian Blast festival. Shake hands, say hello, and introduce yourself! 

Polka in the KNUJ Polka Hall!


Get in touch with your German roots and polka the night away at the KNUJ Polka Hall. Fantastic bands such as the Wendinger Band, Dain’s Dutchmen, and the Leon Olsen Show, will all be performing live right at the festival. The hall is decorated with ribbons, fairy lights, and features a large dance floor perfect for waltzing, polkaing, or line dancing. If you happen to have two left feet, don’t worry! There is ample seating in the hall for you to sit back and enjoy the music! Come join the fun in the KNUJ Polka Hall. 

Finally, Thank a Volunteer!


Bavarian Blast is a fun-filled festival with lots to see and do. Did you know that the whole event is planned and carried out by volunteers?!  Countless volunteers donate their time, talent, and resources to making this event successful and enjoyable for all. Show your appreciation and support by thanking a volunteer. Whether that be a bartender, MC, ticket taker, or informational guide, take the time to say thank you. 

We hope the Bavarian Blast Bucket List can help guide you through your time at Bavarian Blast 2019. We hope to see you on July 18-21. Come see how “Germans Have More Fun!”

For more information, including full schedule and ticket information, please visit the official website:

Photos by Don Borstad and Carolyn Marti Smith.

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