Now Accepting Applications for Network New Ulm!
Network New Ulm 2019

Network New UlmThe New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce is now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Network New Ulm Community Leadership Program! Sessions are held once a month from September thru May. Network New Ulm seeks to build a stronger community by providing a group of emerging and existing leaders with opportunities to enhance their community knowledge, civic network and leadership skills. Individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences are invited to apply. Twenty-four participants who represent a cross-section of the community in terms of gender, ethnicity, age, occupation and organization will be selected.

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The 2018-2019 Class of Network New Ulm has graduated so we are now seeking applicants for the 2019-2020 class year.  Please see brochure for list of dates and topics along with testimonials from the graduating class. Congratulations to the most recent graduates of Network New Ulm!

Testimonials from the Class of 2019

I am very appreciative for the support Windings granted me in order to participate in Network New Ulm. Every session was educational and fun! I had no idea how much I was missing! I was able to fully understand the foundation of what makes New Ulm such an important city and the resources we have available in our community. I also had the pleasure of networking with wonderful, self-driven professionals. I would recommend this program to anyone!
Brittany Abraham, Windings
Network New Ulm was a great experience.  I was very impressed with the program in all aspects. 
Being a New Ulmite I kind of take a lot of our historic buildings, excellent education system, heritage, and old town charm for granted.  NNU was an excellent refresher, educator, and advocate for our rich culture and great community offerings available in New Ulm.  NNU has also helped me develop many new connections in the New Ulm business community which will be invaluable as I continue to grow professionally. 
Jeremy Penkert, Bank Midwest

Even though I’ve lived in Brown County nearly my whole life, I never realized all that New Ulm has to offer until I became a part of NNU! Understanding the history of New Ulm as well as being introduced to local businesses, resources, and organizations has allowed me to develop professional relationships and expand my knowledge to further develop the mission of The Grand.
Brittany Mathiowetz, The Grand

Network New Ulm provides a monthly networking event that also educates the class on the various components of this great town.  Even as an experienced New Ulmer, I still learned a lot about the town that I work and live in and all that it can provide for services, opportunities, and entertainment.  I encourage all to attend.
Ryan Weier, City of New Ulm
Being a part of Network New Ulm was such an inspiring experience.  The opportunity to get behind the scene tours was exciting and informative.  I enjoyed getting to know our diverse group and build friendships and network opportunities for the future.  New Ulm is such an amazing community with a wealth of history and opportunities!  Don’t miss your chance to be part of the next Network New Ulm group!
Tara Schwartz, Furth-Meile Insurance
I have lived in New Ulm for the majority of my life and try to stay informed on what is happening around me. Network New Ulm has opened my eyes to things I did not know and a deeper understanding of others including local history, government and business. The bonus is getting to know others and developing those relationships while learning. Some of my favorite days were the Capital trip, local history and visiting KNUJ.
Lisa Kelley, MRCI
I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to participate in Network New Ulm this past year. I have lived in New Ulm for most of my life but I learned so much about the wonderful things that we take for granted in our community. Preservation of history, Businesses, schools, law enforcement, local government and healthcare all take ownership in making our community great. 
Jane Stueber, New Ulm Medical Center

I decided to apply for Network New Ulm because a colleague of mine had done it the year before and she had so many good things to say about the program.  I thought, “Oh sure, I’m sure it’s fine, but I’ll wait and see if it’s really THAT good.”  And wow, it is that good!  From the tours of places in New Ulm that I’d never be able to go without a program like this, to the education about the history and governmental aspects of our city, to the networking with fellow NNU participants, this program is fabulous!  It’s made me think about other ways I can be involved in our city to make New Ulm a great place not just for people to visit, but for people to call home.  If you are on the fence, do it! There is so much to gain from this program. 
Dinah Spurgin, New Ulm Area Group Thrivent Financial

I was born and raised in New Ulm.  I left to go to college and then returned.  New Ulm being a smaller community, has always impressed me with what we are all able to offer.  The vested interest there is in making this a thriving place to live and work.  Network New Ulm gave me the opportunity to see things more in depth, from our history to our school systems, our health care industry to our judicial system, and all the variety of specialized jobs.  We truly have something to offer everyone.  I would recommend Network New Ulm to anyone that would like to learn more about our community, I think they will be pleasantly surprised by all the talent and diversity.  
Rachal Becker, Oak Hills Living Center


Jenny Eckstein, Program Administrator, 507-233-4302