New General Manager at Turner Hall!
Turner Hall GM

The Willkommen Committee of the New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed Andrea Boettger as the new General Manager of Turner Hall! Andrea had worked previously as Assistant General Manager at Turner Hall for 6 years.  Andrea currently handles all Turner Hall tasks from schedules to bookkeeping, reservations to renovations, and is looking to hire more staff.  She is working with the RENU committee on the gymnastics project, and on other renovation/construction projects. Turner Hall, which traces its roots back to 1856, opened to non-members in 2007. Word has spread quickly to tourists and others in the area and Andrea said their customers are now about 50% members and 50% non-members, creating the need for a new menu with only one price listing (members still get a discount!).  Congratulations on your new position, Andrea!

In the photo: Brittany Schmeising, Chuck Spaeth Ford and Andrea Boettger, Turner Hall.