New Principal at St. Paul’s Lutheran School
Pete Markgraf, St Pauls

The Willkommen Committee of the New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce stopped at St. Paul’s Lutheran School to welcome Peter Markgraf, the school’s new principal! Originally from New Ulm, Peter left town in 1988 after attending MVL High School and college at MLC. He left Minnesota and ventured to Wisconsin  and South Dakota teaching, and also held a principal position in Florida. After returning to New Ulm, he says it still feels like home. His father was also a principal at St. Paul’s, holding that spot for 26 years! Peter talked about the expansion project that has been 5 years in the making. This includes adding pre-k, a play area towards Garden Street, offices that are in the front of the building, and 2 STEM classrooms along with an elevator. Having been a part of an expansion project at his last school, Peter brings experience in managing this $6.7 million dollar expansion project. Congratulations and welcome back, Peter Markgraf!

In the photo are: Lori Pickell-Stangl, United Way of the Brown County Area; Peter Markgraf, St. Paul’s Lutheran School; and Jessica Janni, Bank Midwest.