Executive Chef, New Menu at the Country Club
New Ulm Country Club - Josh Kuck

The Willkommen Committee of the New Ulm Area Chamber stopped by the New Ulm Country Club to welcome Josh Kuck as the Executive Chef of Cottonwood Grill, and to learn about their new menu. Josh is no stranger to a kitchen. A graduate of South Central College in Mankato, Josh says he learned most of his cooking skills on the job. He’s worked in many different restaurants over the years, sometimes 2-3 restaurants at a time! Cooking is his passion. He’s been working with the Heart of New Ulm to offer new and healthier menu items to the Cottonwood Grill menu; adding things like different kinds of salads and chicken sandwiches. They use fresh ingredients and just about everything that can be is made from scratch.  Josh is happy he was able to move back to his hometown of New Ulm where he grew up and has now settled down. Josh and his wife Shari have 2 children, one little girl born just over a month ago! Welcome and congratulations, Josh!

In the photo are: Kathy Van Roekel, Nuvera; Josh Kuck, Cottonwood Grill; Jess Gieseke, Maday Motors; and Sheri Dittrich Reinhart, Mary Kay Cosmetics.