Now Accepting Applications for Network New Ulm!
Network New Ulm Class 2017-18

Network New UlmThe New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce is now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 Network New Ulm Community Leadership Program! Sessions are held once a month from September thru May. Network New Ulm seeks to build a stronger community by providing a group of emerging and existing leaders with opportunities to enhance their community knowledge, civic network and leadership skills. Individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences are invited to apply. Twenty-four participants who represent a cross-section of the community in terms of gender, ethnicity, age, occupation and organization will be selected.

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The 2017-2018 Class of Network New Ulm has graduated so we are now seeking applicants for the 2018-2019 class year.  Please see brochure for list of dates and topics along with testimonials from the graduating class. Congratulations to the most recent graduates of Network New Ulm!

Testimonials from the Class of 2018
I’ve lived in New Ulm for 11 years. Network New Ulm was an eye opener for me. It introduced me to so many community resources and gave me a much greater appreciation for all that New Ulm has to offer. I also appreciated the opportunity to get to know my “classmates” with whom I was privileged to enjoy the monthly journeys.
Steve Balza, MLC
Network New Ulm was a great experience for me.  It has helped me make new connections in my community, has allowed me to learn more about my hometown history even though New Ulm is my hometown and about the businesses that operate in it, plus you get to meet a whole new group of friends!   We have had great conversations on many subjects and have gotten to know some of the goals and visions of these new friends as they are trying to fulfill their purpose in life.  This program exceeded my expectations!  It definitely has been worth the time spent and has been the best day of the month.     
Deb Pierson, M R Paving
As a new resident to New Ulm, it was a great experience to learn about the history and everything our community has to offer. It was also great to meet other business leaders not only to network with but also to spend quality social time with. 
Eric Swenson, Gag Sheet Metal
My time at NNU has been really educational and enjoyable.  Each trip seems well organized and the History Day and the Trip to St. Paul top my list of favorites.  Whether you are new to the area or been here awhile, I think participating in Network New Ulm is a great opportunity.
Veleda Cordes, Ahrens Heating
NNU was a great way to connect to my New Ulm community.  Not only did I get to know a diverse group of people throughout the year, but I learned so much about the community itself through the programming each month.  We have so much to be proud of here in New Ulm – great people, local government, education systems, and health care just to name a few!
Amy Pearson, Thrivent Financial
Network New Ulm has done wonders for my professional development.  I take a lot of pride in the community in which I live and work and NNU has helped to fill the gap, providing an experience to learn not only about the community, but a deeper look at those that make it work.  I enjoy learning about the businesses in town, the local government, education, history, and most importantly, the people.
We have a very diverse group from very different backgrounds, but we have grown to find out how much we are all alike.  We are all passionate about what we do, and we all want to contribute to making our community better.  When I go back to work on Thursday, I’m energized and ready for challenges.  That’s the impact one can expect after spending a day with other professionals.
One last thing, and this is pretty personal.  Our plant has announced that it is going to cease production, close its doors, and send its employees looking for other jobs.  I emailed this announcement to others in my class and the response has been immediate and uplifting.  Many have reached out to me personally and have offered to help my staff find other positions locally.  We will have a great turnout for a job fair and I’m confident that businesses in the community will be able to take care of most of our employees.  This says a lot about the community and the other professionals in my class.  People come together to help each other out.  I’m thankful for those in my class and look forward to working with some of them in the future.  To me, that’s what networking is all about.
Dale Bailey, Elkay
I live out of town and this was such a great opportunity! As a person new to the community, it was so valuable to learn about the history and sense of community New Ulm has; not to mention the wide variety of services offered here!
Sandy Bromley, New Ulm Park & Recreation
I moved to New Ulm in 2016 and really didn’t know much about the town or surrounding area. Network New Ulm is a fantastic, community-based approach to introducing people to New Ulm and the folks that live and work here. I learned so much about the local history, business environment and public resources available in and around New Ulm. On top of that I made some new friends and met a lot of great people within the community that I probably wouldn’t have without this awesome program. A big “thumbs up” for Network New Ulm!
Kris Hainke, Windings Inc.
I have worked in New Ulm for 5 years. I had some connections, but after being part of Network New Ulm, I feel like I am connected. I really enjoyed learning about the history of New Ulm and the opportunity to interact with the community and all it has to offer. I now have a group of people I can call upon as resources when needed, that I would not have had if not for participating. Thank you!
Melissa Hudson, MRCI WorkSource

Jenny Eckstein, Program Administrator, 507-233-4302