MN Chamber Update: MN Job Match – a new kind of dating service
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Here is Doug Loon’s column for this month promoting MN Job Match.  Doug Loon is the president of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.

MN Job Match – a new kind of dating service

By Doug Loon

Workforce needs easily rank as the No. 1 concerns facing Minnesota employers. Hiring the right people is more critical than ever for companies of all sizes and types across the state.

Finding the right fit can be equally frustrating for the job-seekers.

Enter MN Job Match – a new online system for connecting employers and candidates. Launched earlier this year, this service is a joint effort by the Minnesota Chamber and Real-time Talent. Our local chamber partners are integral to spreading the word by either hosting a job matching site themselves or linking to MN Job Match.

Job listing services are not new. MN Job Match, however, uses a distinctive system to match employers and potential employees.

Traditional recruiting methods often require employers to sort through stacks of resumes or settle for less than ideal candidates. The process can be costly and time consuming, often without the payoff of an excellent hire.

MN Job Match revolutionizes the recruiting process, connecting employers with quality candidates distinctively matched to the role being filled. Its data-driven technology sorts and stack-ranks matched candidates based on alignment with job characteristics, not on how many times a keyword appears in a resume.

The platform works similar to an online dating service. And, an important point, businesses and candidates enter information on a secure https site.

Candidates set up their own accounts. They create profiles, fill out drop-down files with the basics such as name, location and contact information. They can upload resumes, post their work and education history, and select the jobs or internships that align best with their skills. They have an opportunity to answer questions about their preferences, interests and desired work environment. Each job title asks a different set of questions.

Profiles can be set up quickly. Candidates are ready to start their search and apply for jobs with the touch of a button.

Employers set up individual accounts, too, and answer correlated questions about available positions.  Posting a job costs just $39 for 30 days of scoring, screening and stack-ranking candidates.

The exchange is real time and current. Applicants are matched with new opportunities as they are posted. Positions are listed for only 30 days to ensure candidates are connected only with employers who are actively looking to hire.

The old-school job exchanges simply upload applicants’ resumes. Search engines filtered the candidates for employers on the basis of keywords and filters. Such processes focus on select elements in a resume and don’t give employers a broader understanding of candidates.

MN Job Match is different and distinctive. The platform factors out some of the assumptions inherent in that process. Those kinds of arbitrary things that might prevent a candidate from moving on in the hiring process get de-emphasized. They still might be considered, but later in the process. Candidates are evaluated on skills and interests rather than just the words on their resume.

Finding the right employees is at the foundation of growing a successful business. Yet employers typically view resumes in a whirlwind of time. MN Job Match goes beyond the basic resume, and increases the likelihood of a strong match. That’s a win-win for employers and employees alike.

MN Job Match is not your average job board, and for good reason. Our blind-match technology prescreens candidates to find companies the right fit – faster. We invite readers to visit the site to post a job or complete an applicant profile, and let the job matching begin.

Doug Loon is president of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce –