New Optometrist, Dr. Taylor Oie, at Akre and Clark Eyecare!
Taylor Oie, Drs. Akre & Clark Family Eye Care

The Willkommen Committee recently welcomed Dr. Taylor Oie, the new optometrist at Drs. Akre and Clark Family Eye Care! Dr. Oie is originally from Lake Crystal, MN and went to college at University of Northwestern St. Paul and optometry school in Big Rapids, Michigan. She wanted to work somewhere in Southern Minnesota to be close to her family, so when the opportunity at Akre and Clark was presented to her, she was smitten by the idea of working in New Ulm because she had fond memories of New Ulm from her childhood! She and her husband are currently living in Lake Crystal with their son but are excited to be building a house in Courtland. Growing up Dr. Oie always prided herself in having 20/20 vision, but when she got to high school she started to have a hard time reading the board in the front of the classroom. She and her mom brushed it off until when it came time for her to take her learner’s permit test. She passed the written exam but failed her eye exam! She went to her first eye appointment, emotional and nervous, but found it was a really great experience. She knew from then, that she wanted to become an optometrist! 

Congratulations and Welcome Dr. Oie! New Ulm is excited to have you!

In the photo are: Kathy Van Roekel, NU-Telecom; Andrea Boettger, Design Home Center; Dr. Taylor Oie, Akre & Clark; and Brittney Schmiesing, Chuck Spaeth Ford.