New Executive Team at Windings
windings heather braimbridge cox seth visser

There is a new executive team at Windings, and the Willkommen Committee of the New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce stopped by to meet the new management.  Heather Braimbridge-Cox is the new interim CEO.  She moved to New Ulm as the CFO one year ago, and was promoted to interim CEO in August.  Heather was born in Jamaica, and moved here from Mobile, Alabama, where she was CFO of DRC Emergency Services.  DRC worked with FEMA and government contracts, which is helpful experience as Windings works with government contracts also.  Seth Visser is the new Director of Operations.  Seth has worked at Windings for the past 13-14 years as an engineer, and was promoted to Director of Operations by Heather when she became interim CEO.  Seth is from Jordan, MN, and has lived in New Ulm for the past 5 years.  David Schauer is also part of the new management team at Windings – formerly VP of Business Development, he was promoted to Executive Vice President in August.  Welcome and congratulations!

Photo: Lynn Fink, Citizens Bank; Seth Visser & Heather Braimbridge-Cox, Windings; Katie Nosbush, United Prairie Bank.