Willkommen Visit: Perkins Remodel
Perkins Willkommen

There was a fire at New Ulm Perkins in April of 2016, but thanks to a lot of hard work and long hours, the restaurant was only closed for 91 days before reopening.  The restaurant reopened in July, and the Willkommen Committee stopped by recently to see the changes.  Bobbi Fuhr, restaurant manager, has been employed here since 1996, and has been the manager for 18 years.  She says the community support during the renovations was outstanding.  One of the new changes is that they added USB and electricity plugins to the booths.  That, combined with the free wi-fi, make Perkins a popular place for business meetings and study groups.  There are 472 Perkins nationwide, but the New Ulm location is the only one that serves specialty coffees, such as mochas, lattes, and espresso. 

In the photo are: Jan DeLeo, Sid’s Signs on Broadway; Bobbi Fuhr, Perkins; Kim Hanson, New Ulm Real Estate.