New Dietician at Hy-Vee!
New Dietician at Hy-Vee

There’s a new dietician at Hy-Vee and the Willkommen Committee stopped by to welcome her!  Laura Schmidt, who was hired less than 2 months ago, is originally from Wisconsin.  She attended Purdue University in Indiana, and completed her clinical in Peoria, IL, before accepting the position in New Ulm.  Laura is the only dietician on staff at Hy-Vee New Ulm.  She is available to give store tours and answer any dietary or nutrition questions customers may have.  She enjoys working with the community, and has already done in-store and on-site programs about healthy eating.  Laura says she has begun exploring her new town via the running trails, and loves to be outside.  Welcome to New Ulm!

Photo: Randy Schroeder, Frandsen Bank & Trust; Laura Schmidt, Hy-Vee; Pam Kitzberger, Oak Hills Living Center.