June 8, 2020 update - Glockenspiel is out-of-order for repairs and expected to be out-of-order for a few weeks. 

Located downtown, the 45-foot tall Glockenspiel’s bells can be heard chiming throughout the day and playing programmed pieces at noon, 3 PM. and 5 PM. The Glockenspiel houses 37 bells with a total weight of more than two tons. Twelve figurines depicting characters from the city’s history, rotate on a circulating stage during performances. From Thanksgiving to early January, the figurines of a three-piece polka band that stand directly below one of the clock faces are replaced with a nativity scene. It is one of the few free-standing carillons of its size in the world.

Location: 327 North Minnesota Street
Hours: Noon, 3 & 5PM daily; 10:30AM, 1 & 2PM during festivals