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Resources support The Heart of New Ulm Project’s three focus areas:
Healthy Lifestyle

Heart of New Ulm Healthy Restaurant Program

Through the Heart of New Ulm’s Healthy Restaurant Program, participating restaurants offer a variety of healthier eating options, such as more fruits and vegetables, smaller portion sizes, whole grain options and more!

 To qualify and participate, a restaurant must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a locally owned, non-chain with less than three locations.
  • Have been in operation for at least 12 months.
  • Be willing to implement strategies from the menu of options (click here for menu) to achieve either Silver or Gold-level status.

Gold-level restaurants include Cottonwood Grill at New Ulm Country Club, George's Fine Steaks & Spirits, Gutes Essen Deli & Catering (Oak Hills Deli), New Ulm Medical Center Café and Cafeteria, and Turner Hall. Gold-level restaurants offer seven or more healthy options from the menu of options, including offering a non-fried vegetable or fruit as a substitute for an unhealthy side without added charge.

Silver-level restaurants include Lamplighter and Lola's Larkspur. Silver-level restaurants offer at least six healthy options from the menu of options.

Healthy Lifestyle

Brown County Area Nutrition Resources

The Food Environment Action teams mission is to develop and support policies and practices that improve the access, availability and identification of healthy foods in venues throughout the community 

Local Resources to Help Stretch Your Food Budget

Mental Health

Mental Health Resources

The Mental Health and Wellness Team is working to increase mental well-being in the community and reduce the burden of mental health by reducing stigma and increasing resiliency. 


Chemical Health Resources

The Brown County Chemical Health Action Team (CHAT) goal is to support educational programs, activities and policies that increase awareness of addiction and misuse of legal substances, and also address the use of illegal substances.

It is never easy to overcome substance abuse and addiction on your own. However, you can get help from support groups and meetings, which could provide you with a safe environment as you recover from your addiction.

List of local AA and NA meetings 

Brown County Addiction Resources

In an Emergency

If you or a friend need urgent assistance, call 911 immediately, or take your friend directly to the emergency room. If you feel it’s safe, stay with your friend, or find someone to stay with them until help arrives.

In a Crisis

You are never alone. Help is always available. For immediate support 24/7, reach out to Crisis text line at 741741, South Central Crisis Center at 1800-247-2809 or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. It’s free and it’s highly confidential, unless it’s essential to contact emergency services to keep you or a friend safe.


Bicycling and Walking Resources

Throughout New Ulm, many people have been diligently and enthusiastically working to help make it easier and safer for everyone to bike or walk in our community and we’re proud to be a Bicycle Friendly Community. We encourage you to get out and get active! Join us in making use of the designated bike path, and all of the other wonderful biking opportunities available in New Ulm and surrounding areas.


Safe Routes to School

The Safe Routes to School Action Team is working to make it safer for children to walk and bike to school by addressing the top three concerns that parents have identified: speed of traffic, the amount of traffic and uncontrolled intersections.


Complete Streets Planning and Policy

The Coalition for Active, Safe and Healthy Streets (CASHS) is working to promote health by improving safety for everyone when walking or bicycling. In 2016, the New Ulm City Council adopted a Complete Streets Policy to ensure streets are planned and designed to be accessible and safe for all users, including people walking or biking. 

Healthy Mental Addiction

Worksite Wellness

The Worksite Wellness Action Team offers quarterly networking and training sessions for New Ulm worksite wellness leaders. Additional resources are available from:

For additional ways on how your worksite can get involved in supporting wellness, visit the Get Involved page.

Fact Sheets

Our series of fact sheets highlight the success of various Heart of New Ulm Project programs and initiatives over the years.


Watch a wide variety of videos from the project, including cooking shows, videos from community summits, videos about healthy living topics, and much more.

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