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Resources support The Heart of New Ulm Project’s three focus areas:
Healthy Lifestyle

Heart of New Ulm Project Restaurant Partners

The Heart of New Ulm Project has partnered with local restaurants in New Ulm that are committed to serving you the same great-tasting food with fewer calories and more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthier fats. The level of participation (Bronze, Silver or Gold) is set by the number of healthy practices offered at the restaurant. Stop in soon and experience just how tasty foods can be when prepared with better health in mind!

Click here to download a list of Partner Restaurants


Bicycling and Walking Resources

Throughout New Ulm, many people have been diligently and enthusiastically working to help make it easier and safer for everyone to bike or walk in our community and we’re proud to be a Bicycle Friendly Community. We encourage you to get out and get active! Join us in making use of the designated bike path, and all of the other wonderful biking opportunities available in New Ulm and surrounding areas.


Safe Routes to School

The Safe Routes to School Action Team is working to make it safer for children to walk and bike to school by addressing the top three concerns that parents have identified: speed of traffic, the amount of traffic and uncontrolled intersections.


Complete Streets Planning and Policy

The Coalition for Active, Safe and Healthy Streets (CASHS) is working to promote health by improving safety for everyone when walking or bicycling. In 2016, the New Ulm City Council adopted a Complete Streets Policy to ensure streets are planned and designed to be accessible and safe for all users, including people walking or biking. 

Healthy Mental Addiction

Worksite Wellness

The Worksite Wellness Action Team offers quarterly networking and training sessions for New Ulm worksite wellness leaders. Additional resources are available from:

For additional ways on how your worksite can get involved in supporting wellness, visit the Get Involved page.

Fact Sheets

Our series of fact sheets highlight the success of various Heart of New Ulm Project programs and initiatives over the years.


Watch a wide variety of videos from the project, including cooking shows, videos from community summits, videos about healthy living topics, and much more.

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