New Ulm Featured in Best Midwest Road Trips List!

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New Ulm Featured in Best Midwest Road Trips List!

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In a recent article, travel blogger SheSavesSheTravels posted the 15 Best Midwest Road Trips – Scenic Routes You Can’t Miss. We’re excited that a road trip to New Ulm made the list! According to the author, Nikki, a Southern Minnesota road trip to Austin, Fairmont, and New Ulm was ranked number 7th Best Midwest Road Trip! Other destinations Nikki pointed out in the Midwest were the Black Hills, Chicago, Des Moines, Minneapolis, and Duluth. shares traveling tips, money saving techniques, and top travel destinations. Nikki is a Midwestern blogger that got her passion for travel at a young age. She traveled with her extended family across the US in the 1970s and 80s and began saving in high school to travel on her own.

Nikki points out the German heritage in New Ulm as you drive to New Ulm through the Minnesota River Valley National Scenic Byway. While here, she suggests stopping at Schell’s Brewery, Herman the German Monument, the downtown boutiques, the Glockenspiel in Schonlau Park, and the historic 1873 murals located at Turner Hall.

Plan a road trip to New Ulm (with stops in Fairmont and Austin) and see for yourself why a Southern Minnesota Road Trip is, according to this travel blogger, one of the top 15 in the Midwest! Click here to learn about New Ulm’s attractions, activities, see sample itineraries, and more! And if you’d rather come sooner than later, that’s great! Click here for ideas of how to explore New Ulm while maintaining safe social distancing.

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