New Ulm Named Place to Visit in U.S. That Feels Like International Destination

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New Ulm Named Place to Visit in U.S. That Feels Like International Destination

Hermann Monument

“Germany Without A Passport” – That’s how some visitors have described our charming town.  And now we’ve been recognized in the Crixeo article: “Places to Visit in the U.S. That Feel Like International Destinations.”  The article calls out 7 different countries (Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, etc), and lists the town in America that most look and feel most like the European country, thanks to the early settlers who established these American towns.  

No surprise here, New Ulm was chosen as the city in America to visit if you want to go to Germany!  New Ulm was founded in 1854 by Germans with the intention of creating a Utopian German community on the American wilderness.  It is named after Ulm, a city on the Danube River in south-central Germany, and the city reflects its German heritage still today. Monuments such as the Hermann Monument, the Glockenspiel (an unique 45-foot, free-standing clock tower with animated figures that depict the city’s history) and many others grace the city of New Ulm and share its history.  You can order sauerkraut and schnitzel 7-days-a-week here, and you’ll find lederhosen-wearing beer drinkers at every festival!  Plan your trip now!

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