Best Hotdish in MN? It’s here in New Ulm!

2016-03-13 Moo-seum Worlds-largest Cow Collection
Moo-seum! World’s Largest Cow Collection
March 13, 2016

Best Hotdish in MN? It’s here in New Ulm!

2016-03-03 Best Hotdish in MN Its Here in New Ulm

Minnesota is known for its hotdishes!  We all have our favorite recipes that have been passed down for generations.  WCCO recently asked viewers where to find the best hotdish in MN, and they voted for Happy Joe’s here in New Ulm!  The Chicken Tator Tot Hotdish won by a landslide!  Lee Sturm has owned the restaurant for 18 years.  The recipe was created by former employee Margaret Scheid when Happy Joe’s began having its buffet many years ago. The recipe is still the same (“only four ingredients and love”), and since winning the contest, Lee says demand has been overwhelming!  In addition to being featured on their buffet, the Chicken Tator Tot Hotdish is available for takeout or delivery in individual or family sizes. Congratulations to Lee and his crew!

Check out the WCCO feature here:|_CBS_Minnesota

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