Chamber Priorities

2015-2016 Chamber Priorities

Economic Development

  • Workforce Recruitment: Work with city government and regional partners to recruit new businesses, young professionals and young families.
  • Create an economic development roundtable for the purpose of networking those interested and moving ahead on projects that create economic opportunity in New Ulm.
  • Market New Ulm as a community to visit, live and work.
  • Provide educational and leadership development opportunities for the business community.


  • Provide information and services that assist to strengthen businesses
  • Initiate and support programs that encourage the creation and expansion of new businesses and entrepreneurship. Examples: Economic farming, incubators, co-working locations
  • Utilize the website as an economic development tool offering community information and job posting information.
  • Support HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Evolve)

Community Development

  • Supporting the business community and the community as a whole by sponsoring or supporting various community initiatives including: leadership development and attracting young professionals and families, health and employee wellness, fine arts and heritage and educational opportunities on topics of interest.
  • Support and maintain a Main Street program in conjunction with the Minnesota Preservation Alliance.

Public Policy

  • Partner with local government entities to address housing, new business incentives and issues that affect the business community.
  • Partner with entities that will forward issues or initiatives of community and business community interest.
  • Partner with the Minnesota Chamber to utilize their resources to influence the statewide business climate and business retention programs.
  • Communicate business and member perspective on issues facing elected and government officials.
  • Provide a board representative on the RENU local option sales tax committee.

Member Development

  • Continue to educate and evaluate the benefit of Chamber Membership to the variety of members represented.
  • Continue to be a connecting point for members for business to business networking, education and collaboration.
  • Promote organizational awareness to members and the community through effective use of social media and other communication tools.


  • Support and maintain a CVB to carry out the objective of promoting the City as a tourist and convention center.

  • Redesign the website and improve usage of social media for the purpose of promoting the City as a tourist and convention destination.