Fun Things to Try in New Ulm

Hi Readers,

Rather than a broad topic today, I think I’ll just throw you some fun tidbits that you can use as you see fit.

*There are two places that make home-made fudge: Country Loft and Hope & Faith Floral – both downtown and both very good! Naturally, they both carry many other decorating and fun items, but it’s the fudge that I really like. Look at and (The web-site is named for the previous business name.)

*We have two stores that carry a fine selection of German-import goodies: The Guten Tag Haus and Domeier’s German Store. Domeier’s is 10 blocks from the Visitor Center and has  been there since the 1930s. The Guten Tag Haus is right downtown on the corner. They both have foods, clothing, recorded music, ornaments, home décor items and more. You’ll enjoy a stop at both of them! Look at for more info and Domeier’s is open on weekends.

*The Defender’s Monument, located prominently on Center Street by the Courthouse, was put up in 1891 to honor the Defenders during the U.S.-Dakota War in 1862. It is well worth a visit and since I grew up less than two blocks from it and we used to play on it, I can tell that I am one of a tiny few who know that it is made of metal, not stone like it is crafted to look like. Go up, read the inscriptions, admire the beauty and pound on it to hear the hollow metallic ring and become one of a select elite to know its secret!

*Do you like to try things that are fun, but unusual? If so, Tommy Guns Paint Wars is for you! It is located about 8 miles east of New Ulm off of scenic Highway 68 and features multiple courses in the woods to practice your paint-ball skills. Gather some buddies and head out to have some fun. (I would recommend long pants and shirt if possible.) I did it once with my sons years ago and had a ball, however I must tell that when Tommy goes over the rules, pay attention. It can hurt if you are shot at too close and keep your helmet and eye protection on. It’s a “big boy’s” version of “soldiers” that we used to play as kids and is as fun now as it was then! Look at for more info.

“T” Sveine

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